2 Simple Websites For Content Generation And Syndication

These items are my top choices for content generation and syndication. Using these will make your blogging and social sharing of your content a whole lot easier, and will get you more visitors to see what you have to offer.
  1. IFTTT.com

    IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That”, and is the absolute best and easiest way to syndicate your content.

    You can use it to automatically syndicate your blog content to Twitter, share your Tumblr posts on Reddit, share your Youtube videos on Blogger, and more!

    Click Here to Learn More About IFTTT.com

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  2. Article Builder

    Article Builder will create unique content for your blogs or other websites automatically. Just choose a topic, adjust a few settings like the number of words in the article, add a resource or author section, etc.

    If you have a WordPress blog (either self-hosted or on WordPress.com or other WordPress based services) you can setup a truly unique auto-blog. Set it up once in Article Builder, and let it post fresh, unique content automatically.

    Click Here to Learn More About Article Builder

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Having a system that automatically creates and posts content, and a system that syndicates your content for you, is just one piece of the puzzle. You need a high authority domain to blog on, to help you get to the top of Google for tons of traffic, visitors and sales.

Click the image below to start using my recommended blogging platform, and get higher rankings, more traffic, and a bigger bank account!

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