Life Changing Lessons From Bob Proctor

Listening to the wisdom of Bob Proctor has really helped me to attract more abundance into my life. I highly recommend anyone looking for a positive shift in their life, to read his books and hear him speak.


Before I discovered Bob Proctor and his teachings, I had no idea that I was “attracting by default” all of the things in my life that I did not want. Then, after watching the movie “The Secret”, and hearing his wisdom for the first time, I began to understand why things where currently as they where.

I learned how to attract what I did want, instead of attracting that which I did not want. Once I learned this, my life became more and more abundant.

Now, understanding the principles that Bob Proctor teaches, I no longer go through life wondering what’s going to happen. Now, instead of waiting for or allowing random circumstances to take control, I now know exactly how to bring about those circumstances myself.

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