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SenseDrill [Review]

Today, I’ll be reviewing a brand-new course called SenseDrill SenseDrill is a brand-new course by Ivana Bosnjak, Ram Rawat, and Vaibhav Goel, that teaches a unique method for making money with Google Adsense.   Now, we all know there are tons of courses out there, teaching various strategies, techniques, and variations thereof, for earning income through

TigerPress Volume 3 [Review]

Today, I’ll be reviewing Tony Earp’s latest set of local SEO WordPress themes, TigerPress Volume 3 TigerPress Volume 3 is the latest edition of WordPress themes by local SEO master, Tony Earp.  Tony’s themes have helped many people easily get ranked in Google for local search.  With this latest set, he’s included themes designed for

VideoRobot [Review]

Today, I’ll be reviewing a brand-new all-in-one video creation software called VideoRobot. VideoRobot is a brand-new video creation software from Todd Gross and Paul Ponna that will replace every other video software you’ve ever used.    This is next-generation video technology loaded with features that are miles ahead of any other video app on the

Hijax [Review]

Today, I’m reviewing a brand-new cloud-based software called Hijax Hijax is a brand-new cloud-based software from Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas (aka “Mike From Maine”) that takes care of one of the biggest challenges when it comes to promoting products as an affiliate.  Let me explain: Ok, we all know that doing reviews of products and

Commission Drill [Review]

Today I’ll be reviewing a brand-new Youtube Ad course and funnel called Commission Drill Commission Drill is a course by Ram Rawat and Ivana Bosnjak that teaches you how to earn commissions from CPA and Clickbank offers using Youtube Ads.  But, it’s not just another course on how to use this extremely effective ad platform. 

WP Blazer Suite 3.0 [Review]

Today I’ll be reviewing a cloud-based WordPress management software called WP Blazer Suite 3.0 WP Blazer Suite 3.0 is the latest version of the WP Blazer Suite WordPress management platform.   This cloud-based software lets you manage all of your WordPress sites in one place.  No longer do you have to perform time-sucking, mind-numbing tasks keeping

Easy Video Templates: Power Pack [Review]

Today I’ll be doing my review of Easy Video Templates: Power Pack Easy Video Templates: Power Pack is a brand-new video creation and editing product by Scott Hamlin that makes creating the perfect video for any situation fast and easy.  Scott has been behind several popular and successful product launches in the IM niche, and

Download PLR Products [Review]

Today I’ll be reviewing a Private Label Rights membership site called Download PLR Products If you’ve been in the IM niche for any length of time, chances are you’ve heard of PLR or Private Label Rights products.  What PLR allows you to do, is take an existing product and edit it to make it your own

Discover [Review]

Today, I’m reviewing a brand-new cloud-based lead generation software called Discover Lead generation is one of the most important parts of any business.  Without a consistent flow of leads, your business is dead in the water.  Discover is a brand-new web-based lead generation software from Walt Bayliss that is unlike any lead generating tool out

CTA Wiz [Review]

Today I’ll be reviewing a brand-new WordPress plugin called CTA Wiz We all know that traffic is the life-blood of any online business.  But if that traffic isn’t converting into subscribers or sales, it’s just being wasted.  CTA Wiz is a brand-new WordPress Plugin from Ivana Bosnjak that lets you create compelling Calls to Action