Emergency Cash Booster [Review]

Today I’ll be reviewing a brand-new course called Emergency Cash Booster

How many times have you needed to come up with cash fast?  Maybe for a bill or to buy a present for a family member’s birthday?  If you’ve ever struggled with coming up with money on the fly, then Emergency Cash Booster was created for you.

Emergency Cash Booster is a step-by-step course created by my good friend Ivana Bosnjak, where she shares the strategies she has used to make fast money in a pinch.  She not only shares her strategies but also offers a full case study, showing how she brought in $698 in just 2 days using the exact methods she teaches in the course.

The Front-End and OTO’s

Like most any product launch in the IM niche, Emergency Cash Booster comes with its share of OTO’s (one time offers), DS’s (Downsells) and more, to help enhance your purchase.  Here’s what’s being offered during this limited time launch:

Front-End – Emergency Cash Booster – $11.65 – $17

OTO 1 – Instant Traffic Booster – with Bonus – $27

DS 1  – Instant Traffic Booster – without Bonus – $17

OTO 2 – Traffic Powerhouse – with Bonus – $127 – $147

DS 2 – Traffic Powerhouse – without Bonus – $127 – $147

What about bonuses?

As part of my commitment to always giving extra value to my subscribers and followers, I am offering an exclusive bonus package, when you grab your copy of “Emergency Cash Booster” thru my link.  Click here or on the image below to visit the bonus page.

But Hurry!  These Bonuses Expire In:


Posted on November 11, 2017

The Commission Code [Review]

Today, I’ll be reviewing a brand-new done-for-you system from Ben Martin called “The Commission Code”.

As an affiliate marketer, one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced is coming up with profitable campaigns for my promotions.  Creating bonuses, landing pages, emails, social media posts, etc. can take days to complete.  It can become a full-time job, especially if you are promoting more than one product (which most affiliate marketers do).

This is why Ben Martin created The Commission Code, where he actually hands you 7 of his most profitable campaigns that you can just “plug and play” to start earning big commissions.  Each campaign was created for a high-demand product in the I.M. niche.

How does it work?

For each of the campaigns, Ben will give you a secret code.  This code is to be entered into a special software that will automatically create a high converting landing page for you.  Each page includes a review of the product along with bonuses to offer your customers.

Plus, when you enter the secret code, you can also modify these landing pages to your liking.  Change the video, edit the text, add and remove bonuses, etc.

What if I don’t have the software?

If you don’t own the special software, no need to panic.  You can either pick it up here super cheap or simply have Ben’s support team create the pages for you.  The only difference is that, if Ben’s team creates the pages, you won’t be able to customize them, and will have to use them as is.  Which is actually fine, as these are the same landing pages and campaigns that he used to generate $11,527.85 in 27 days.  So either way, you come out a winner.

The Front-End and OTO’s

Every great product launch in the I.M. niche features a great front-end product along with OTO’s (one-time offers) and upsells to enhance your purchase.  The Commission Code is no different.

The Front End “Commission Code” is 7 affiliate campaigns
for  $9.95 which includes;

  • 7 Done for you bonus pages
  • 7 Done for you review videos
  • 7 sets of Done for you custom bonuses
  • 7 Done for you bonus delivery pages
  • Done for you email swipes
  • Done for you Facebook posts
  • Done for you Blog posts
  • Free and paid traffic methods
  • Guaranteed approval to promote each of the 7 offers

The first upsell ($17) is “Commissions Reloaded” and includes;

  • 3 additional done for you campaigns
  • 3 additional done for you bonus pages
  • 3 additional done for you review videos
  • 3 additional done for you bonus delivery pages
  • 3 additional sets of custom bonuses
  • Done for you email swipes
  • Done for you Facebook posts
  • Done for you Blog posts
  • Guaranteed approval to promote each of the 3 offers
  • 30 day email consultancy

The second upsell is ” Commission Jacker”  ($47) and includes;

  • Secret method which allows you to easily hijack one of the BIGGEST free traffic sources available
  • Over-The-Shoulder case Study guide of Ben using this traffic method to make money
  • A secret free tool Ben uses to generate bonus free traffic
  • Ben’s 50 most opened subject lines of 2017
  • License rights and guaranteed approval to promote all of Ben’s existing products

The third upsell is “Covert Commission Club “ ($27/month or $1 Trial Downsell) and includes;

  • A minimum of two brand new done for you campaigns each month
  • Free access to every single bonus Ben has ever created

What About Bonuses?

Every great affiliate marketing promotion includes some awesome bonuses, and this is no different.  When you grab The Commission Code thru my link on this page, I’ll give you the following incredible bonus package…

Check Out All The Bonuses Here!! 


As you can see, The Commission Code is a complete done-for-you system that anyone can use to start making money with affiliate marketing.

Be sure to grab your copy today to secure the best possible price and to qualify for all the bonuses!


Posted on September 28, 2017

Youtube Affiliate Formula [Review and Best Bonus]

Today, I’ll be reviewing a brand-new course and software called Youtube Affiliate Formula

Youtube Affiliate Formula is a brand-new product from Edwin Torres, Justin Opey and Ivana Bosnjak, that teaches how to earn affiliate commissions by getting Youtube videos ranked on the first page of Google.

We all know how powerful Youtube is, and when combined with Google, you have a powerhouse source of traffic that you can send to any offer you’re promoting. However, some affiliate marketers still don’t understand exactly how to get Google to love your videos above all others.

Youtube Affiliate Formula

The course is geared mainly towards affiliate marketers, as it focuses predominantly on doing product review videos, and following the steps inside the course to get top rankings. Which of course, means more traffic.

So, what exactly is in the Youtube Affiliate Formula course?

The Youtube Affiliate Formula course goes step by step, from creating your review video, to uploading and optimizing, and what to do in order to ensure top rankings and maximum traffic.

Now, if you’ve been doing product review videos for awhile, much of what you learn in the course may not be new to you. However, there are some gold nuggets that you may not have thought of before, that are worth way more than the small one-time investment for the course.

You also get a powerful software to help maximize your results.  The software will help ensure that more people will see your videos.  And, more eyeballs means more traffic and more sales.

What about OTO’s and Downsells?

Here’s what’s included in the sales funnel. From the front-end product to all the OTO’s and Downsells.

Front-End: Youtube Affiliate Formula Course $12-$17

OTO 1: Overnight Affiliate Formula $37

OTO 2: Email Affiliate Formula $67

DS 1: Overnight Affiliate Formula (No Bonuses) $27

DS 2: Email Affiliate Formula (NO Bonuses) $57

You’ll notice there is a range of $12-$17 on the front-end product. That’s because the price will be starting low, and going up to as high as $17 during the launch.

Are there any bonuses?

When you purchase Youtube Affiliate Formula thru my link, I’m going to be giving you the following special bonuses:

Bonus #1$113.12 Case Study Video – How To Write Review Posts That Convert – In this case-study video, I’ll show you how I earned $113.12 from one review post, and how you can structure your product review posts to get higher rankings, bring in more traffic, and convert your readers into buyers.

Bonus #2How To Make 4K Review Videos – Youtube is favoring higher resolution videos, and right now, 4K is the king of hi-res.  In this video, I’ll show you how to render your review videos in 4K, to give you a ranking boost.

Bonus #3 – Bonus Page Creator – This free software tool allows you to create responsive bonus pages to add more value to your affiliate promotions, simply by entering some details in a form. Comes with Master Resale & Free Giveaway Rights.

Bonus #4 – 3-In-1 Squeeze Page Creator – Free software tool creates responsive squeeze and download pages in no time. eCover creator software included.

Bonuses Expire In:

The pros and cons

Pros – A very easy to follow course, with a proven strategy used by many of the top marketers.  Ideal for beginner to intermediate marketers.  Advanced marketers will find a few tips to enhance their results.

Cons – Not alot of new information if you’re more advanced and have been doing review videos for awhile.

Youtube Affiliate Formula is perfect for those just getting started with affiliate marketing.  It’s also great for advanced marketers, who want to learn new strategies to take their businesses to a whole new level.

Grab your copy of Youtube Affiliate Formula, plus all the bonuses, today!



Posted on August 20, 2017

Protected: How To Make 4K Review Videos

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Posted on August 20, 2017

Protected: $113.12 Case Study Video – How To Write Review Posts That Convert

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Posted on August 20, 2017

WP Content Ranker [Review]

Today, I’ll be reviewing a brand-new WordPress plugin called WP Content Ranker

We all know how important good search engine rankings are.  We also know how difficult it can be to produce content that ranks high, and easily, in the search engines.  That’s where WP Content Ranker comes in.

WP Content Ranker is a brand-new WordPress plugin from Abbas Ravji,  that shows you how to rank in Google, and shows you the exact steps needed to create and rank your own content for any keyword, every time, step by step.

So how does it work?

WP Content Ranker Analyses sites that RANK in Google. It reveals why each site RANKS well, how they Optimize to RANK and what you will need to secure a Page 1 Ranking.

The Content Refreshing Logic helps you RANK for more Keywords, Get Indexed for more Terms & Increase Targeted Traffic.

The Social Syndication Features help you Increase Social Signals, Leverage Authority and Boost Social Awareness.

The Content Generation Features let you Create Optimized Content, “Drag & Drop” Easy Without Writting a Single Line of Text.

WP Content Ranker is the Perfect Companion for ANY WordPress site that actually helps you RANK.

The Front-End and OTO’s

“WP Content Ranker” includes many options to enhance your experience, and improve your overall results.

The Front-End – Includes 3 options with various features:

Starter – $14

Growth – $17 – $27

Expert – $17 – $37

OTO 1 – Enterprise – $27 – $37

You’ll notice that some options feature a price range.  That’s because WP Content Ranker will be sold on a dime sale, meaning the price will go up every few sales.

What about bonuses?

When you pickup WP Content Ranker via the link on this page, you’ll receive the following special bonuses:

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

Bonus #4

Bonus #5

Bonus #6

Bonus #7

Bonus #8

Bonus #9

These bonuses expire in:

When does it go live?

WP Content Ranker goes live on Thursday, July 27 at 10am Eastern.


As you can see, WP Content Ranker is the premiere tool for creating content and ranking for any keyword, every time.   Click here to get your copy now, before the countdown timer above reaches zero.  Because once that happens, the bonuses will be gone forever, and you’ll have missed your chance to grab your copy at the lowest possible price.

Get WP Content Ranker Plus Bonuses Here!

Posted on July 26, 2017