Affiliate Trax Review – My Review Of The Affiliate Trax Software

Hey my friend, this is Kurt Tasche, and welcome to my Affiliate Trax Review.



In this article, I’m going to be giving you my review of the brand new Affiliate Trax software by Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas (aka “Mike from Maine”),  I’m going to be giving you a tour of the members’ area, we’re gonna talk about the good and the bad about the product, and I’m even gonna talk about some bonuses that I’m gonna give you when you purchase Affiliate Trax through my link today.

What is Affiliate Trax?

Affiliate Trax is a complete affiliate marketing management system.  It will allow you to manage your entire affiliate marketing business all from one place.  Everything from keeping track of product sales, which products are selling the best and which ones aren’t.  Keeping track of customer information.  Even with the ability to automatically add your customers, who by through your affiliate links, directly onto you email list.

Now, why is that important?  Well, it’s important, because you’ll be building a list of buyers.  People who actually buy stuff.  So you know that, when you promote other products, the people on this list are highly likely to make a purchase through you.

Tour of the Affiliate Trax Members Area

So, when we go into the Affiliate Trax members area, the first section you’ll come to, is the Overview section.  On the overview page, there’s a video by Brett that explains how the entire system works.

Next, be sure to check out the Instructions area, where you’ll learn how easy it is to get everything setup.  Everything from setting up your callback url in JV Zoo, how to collect leads with Affiliate Trax, and even what all the stats mean.

Next, we have the Customer, Sales and Products section, which shows data as you make affiliate sales.  In each section, Brett has recorded a video showing how to read the data, what it all means, and how you can use it to grow your business.

One of the most valuable features of Affiliate Trax, is the training you get by both Brett and Mike.  These two are both successful product creators/vendors and affiliate marketers, and each of them shares their own unique method that has allowed them to build highly profitable affiliate marketing businesses.

In fact, if you were a complete beginner, and had never heard of affiliate marketing ever in your life, and you bought Affiliate Trax and went through this training, you could become an expert affiliate marketer within a few weeks, easily.

The next thing I want to talk about, that’s being offered right now with “Affiliate Trax”,  is something that no other vendors have ever done.  What Mike and Brett have done, is they are giving agency rights as part of the front end product.

Now, agency rights is usually reserved as a one time offer, or OTO.  What agency rights is, is it’s going to allow you to sell Affiliate Trax as your own.  You’re going to be able to add your buy button onto their sales page, and you can sell it as your own product, and keep all the money.  You can also, if you want to, add this as a product in JV Zoo, and have affiliates promoting it for you.

So, that is something that has never been done before with any other product that I’ve seen, in my 15 plus years in the industry.  No one has ever offered agency rights to a front end product that I know of.  That by itself, is worth way more than the price of Affiliate Trax.


The Good About Affiliate Trax

Now, the good parts about Affiliate Trax, is it integrates seamlessly with JV Zoo, it keeps track of data very easily, and it allows you to integrate with your autoresponder.  The training itself and the agency rights are worth way more (atleast 100x more) than the product cost.

That’s the good about it.

The Bad About Affiliate Trax

Now, the bad things about Affiliate Tracks. And, there’s not too many, but there are things I want to point out.

First of all, Affiliate Trax only works with JV Zoo.  So, if you don’t promote products through JV Zoo, if you only like using Clickbank, or maybe Paydotcom or other networks, Affiliate Trax wouldn’t work for you.

But, JV Zoo is free to sign up as an affiliate.  And I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to be a JV Zoo affiliate, because a lot of times, vendors will set it up so you get paid instantly.  Depending on the vendor and your relationship with them, a lot of vendors will set you up to get paid instantly, direct to your Paypal account.

So, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to be an affiliate with JV Zoo, because with Clickbank for example, you have to wait for a check in the mail, or wait for commissions to be deposited into your bank account.  With JV Zoo, you can get paid the instant that a customer makes a purchase.

So again, if you don’t use JV Zoo as an affiliate, you would not need Affiliate Trax.  Then again, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to be an affiliate with JV Zoo.

The next thing that is kind of bad, but not for most affiliate marketers, is that as far as integrating with your autoresponder and automatically adding your buyers to your email list, Affiliate Trax only integrates with Aweber and Mail Chimp.  So, if you use either of those autoresponders, your buyers will be added automatically to your list.

If you use any other autoresponder, you’ll simply have to download a csv file of your customers’ information from Affiliate Trax and import that into your autoresponder.  Now, most autoresponders do allow this.  Some have restrictions, so it depends on what your autoresponder is.  You’ll want to check and see what their rules are for importing data.

Those are the only really bad things I can see about this product (which really aren’t necessarily bad.)  Other than that, I see mostly good about this product.  This has probably got to be the best system that I have seen for managing your affiliate marketing business.

The OTO (One Time Offers)

No product would be complete without upsells and One Time Offers, and Affiliate Trax is no different.  Pay special attention, as you’ll also want to pick up these OTO’s when you grab Affiliate Trax via my link.

First OTO – Unlimited Agency Rights.

With the Front End product, you get 25 agency rights licenses, which means you can sell 25 copies of the product as your own.  This OTO gives you unlimited agency rights.  That means you can sell unlimited copies of Affiliate Trax as your own.

Second OTO – Unlimited Agency Rights to Brett and Mike’s Link Master software.

Third OTO – 4 Week Live Training – How To Create A Profitable Review Blog.

Brett and Mike take you step by step, showing you how to create a profitable review blog.

Welcome to my Affiliate Trax review of this brand new affiliate marketing management software.


Now, I want to go over some bonuses I’m going to be giving you, when you purchase Affiliate Trax through my link today.


Bonus #1 – Win Affiliate Contests




Ever wonder how top affiliates win contests and hit the leaderboards?  This report will teach you everything you need to know about winning all those affiliate contests.







Bonus #2 – Click Bar Wordpress Plugin



This ingenious plugin adds a scarcity bar to any page or post on your website.  Creating a sense of urgency in your visitors to take action now!







Bonus #3 – FB Link Post



Allows you to post clickable call to action graphics  to any Facebook group, fan page or timeline.  Use any image and direct people to any website of your choice.

Send people to your squeeze page, affiliate offer, CPA offer, etc.






Bonus #4 – Set ‘n Forget Money System



This unique system will show you how to get unlimited free traffic, build your list and earn commissions all on autopilot.








Now, even without these bonuses, you’re already getting a ton of value.  You’re getting the Affiliate Trax software.  You’re getting the training that is worth way more than the cost of the product.  And, you’re getting agency rights so you can sell Affiliate Trax as your own.  These bonuses are my thank you for purchasing Affiliate Trax through my link today.


In Conclusion

So my friends, with that, I’m going to close out my Affiliate Trax review.  Again, in my opinion, this is the best system to use to completely manage your affiliate marketing business.  There are a few bad points as I mentioned.  But for most affiliate marketers, this won’t make any difference.

Again, this is Kurt Tasche.  Thank you for reading my Affiliate Trax review.  Go ahead right now, and click the link below to buy Affiliate Trax today.

FYI – Affiliate Trax is launching on May 8, 2016 at 11 am EDT, so if you’re watching this before that, make sure you’re ready to purchase it as soon as it becomes available.  You can actually click the link below and bookmark the page that comes up.  That way, you’ll be sure to use my link and qualify for the bonuses.

Also, it is only going to be available until May 10, 2016 at 12 am EDT.  (Note: In the video, I say it closes at 10 am EDT, which is my mistake.)  Once that time hits, it’s gone, and so are the bonuses.  So again, make sure you click that link below and bookmark that page so you can buy Affiliate Trax when it becomes available, and qualify for those bonuses.

Remember, you’re not only getting the software, you’re also getting the training by Brett and Mike, showing how they have built successful affiliate marketing businesses.   Plus, you’re getting agency rights so you can sell the product as your own.

So again, thank you for reading my Affiliate Trax review, and I will see you next time.  Click here to get Affiliate Trax and all of the bonuses!