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Today, I’m doing a review of Video Takeover



Before I started testing out this software, I had used bonuses and reviews in my affiliate promotions.  But, I had never realized how much potential commissions I was missing out on before this software was released.

You can watch the video of my Video Takeover Review below:


So what is Video Takeover?

Video Takeover is a brand new web-based software from Brett Rhutecky and Mike Thomas (aka “Mike from Maine”), that will allow you to literally hijack other people’s sales pages, so you can add your own review or bonus videos right on those pages.


Now, why is this important?  Well, the reason it’s important is because, when you’re promoting products as an affiliate using reviews and bonuses, such as doing a review on your blog (just like I’m doing here), in hopes that your visitors will click your affiliate link to go to the sales page, you actually create extra steps.


See, the more steps your visitors go through, there will be a fewer number that complete each step.  So, if you get 100 visitors to your review on your blog, only a certain percentage will actually read the review.  Then, a small percentage of those people will actually click on your affiliate link to go to the sales page.  A smaller percentage of those people will click the order button.  And, finally, an even smaller percentage will actually buy the product.


So, you could end up with just 1 or 2 sales out of 100 visitors.  Video Takeover solves this problem for good.  By having your review right on the actual sales page, you won’t lose your visitors in multiple steps.  Your visitors are already there, right on the sales page, watching YOUR review video.  This also helps establish more trust and authority.  And as we all know, when people trust you, they buy from you.


What features are available in Video Takeover?

So, the next thing I want to mention in this Video Takeover review, are some of the features of the software.


First, you can create Bars (which you can put at the top or bottom of sales pages) or Boxes (which show up on the right or left side of sales pages).  Each of these has it’s own unique features, and both can be equipped with either a date or evergreen countdown timer, to entice your visitors to Take Action Now.  See my Video Takeover review video above for a more detailed walkthrough of these features.




Are there any bonuses?

Like any affiliate promotion, this Video Takeover review would not be complete without mentioning the massive bonus package you’ll get, when you purchase Video Takeover through my link.


Bonus #1 – Pinterest Domination Blueprint – $47 Value

In my flagship Pinterest marketing course, you’ll learn all of my secrets to generating massive amounts of leads with Pinterest.  I’ve been able to generate upwards of 100 leads a day and more using Pinterest, and now, these secrets are yours, Free!!


Bonus #2 – Traffic Listbuilding Training from Brett Rhutecky and Mike Thomas– $97 Value


Bonus #3 – Squeezematic – 19/month value

Web-based page builder for creating stunning squeeze pages, thank you pages, bonus pages and more.


Bonus #4 – Live Workshop – $47 Value

Free workshop recording where Mike and Brett share exactly how they started their 7 figure businesses.


Bonus #5 – 4 Bonus Videos –  $47 Value

Don’t have your own bonus video to use with Video Takeover?  No problem.  You can use these videos in the software, without having to create a video of your own.


Bonus #6 – Four professionally designed premium WordPress plugins developed by Brett Rhutecky:

*ClickBar Gold Edition

*Facebook Pixel Insert

*Jack Jacker Gold

*Support Chat Plugin


Bonus #7 – List Building Mega Bonus

Get Free Access To 9 Complete List Building Systems!!  Each Of These Systems Will Get Other People To Build Your List For You!!  Literally Multiply Your Subscriber Base Without Any Additional Work!!

Bonus #8 – Massive Viral Traffic Explosion Bonus

Get Access To Over 10 Different Viral Traffic Systems That Will Automatically Send Boatloads Of Traffic To Any Of Your Websites!!


Final thoughts…

In conclusion, I feel that Video Takeover will be a game changer in the affiliate marketing and internet marketing industries, and that it will level the playing field so that even brand new affiliates will be able to make more sales, earn higher commissions, and be able to live a life of their own design.

Thank you very much for reading my “Video Takeover Review”.



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