Today, I’ll be reviewing a brand-new cloud-based viral marketing software called ViraLightning

ViraLightning is a brand-new cloud-based viral marketing software from Bryan Winters, that lets you turn any affiliate product you’re promoting, into a full-fledged viral marketing campaign.  Just like product owners recruit affiliates for their launches, you can use ViraLightning to get other people to send you traffic and sales to any offer you promote, without the expense, time and hassle it takes to launch your own products.

How Does It Work?

Once you create your campaign, just start sending traffic and the system goes to work.   Visitors to your campaign funnel opt-in to learn how to create their own viral campaigns.  However, in order to “unlock” their system, they must take one of two actions:

Coupon Unlock

First, they can choose to unlock their system by purchasing the affiliate product you’re promoting.  Once they make their purchase, they enter a coupon code into ViraLightning to unlock their system.  Instructions on the best ways to distribute your special coupon code are included in your member training tutorial.

Social Unlock

Second, they can unlock their system by referring a certain number of people to signup free to your campaign. You choose how many signups are required.

As people signup to your campaign, it builds your list.  You can integrate with Aweber, Getresponse or GVO or you can elect to have your leads stored inside ViraLightning, then download and import them into any autoresponder system.

The Front-End and OTO’s

Front-End – Basic Package – $97 (minus $50 off coupon during launch = $47) – Includes 1 bonus campaign and the ability to create 1 fully customized campaign.

Upsell – Lightning Income Club – $397 – Includes the same bonus campaign as above, along with the ability to launch unlimited custom ViraLightning campaigns.  Plus also includes 12 done for you campaigns that will be created over the next 12 months (ie, one DFY campaign per month.)

Downsell – Lightning Income Club $1 7 Day Trial followed by 12 payments of $37 per month.  – Same as above, but with the $1 trial offer.

ViraLightning launches Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 9 am Eastern Time

Are There Any Bonuses?

When you pick up ViraLightning thru my link, you get instant access to my exclusive bonus package.

You can see the complete list of bonuses here.

But Hurry! These Bonuses Will Expire:
Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.


The Pros & Cons


“ViraLightning” lets you create full-fledged viral campaigns just like the guru product owners, without having to create any products yourself.


Utilizing the Coupon Unlock method requires that your customers are able to access the coupon code on the download page of the product you’re promoting.  This can be a challenge, since it requires the product owner to add the code for you.  There are a few ways around this, as you’ll see in my review video above.

In Closing

ViraLightning makes it easy for anyone to benefit from the same viral marketing that the guru product owners do.  But, without needing to create and launch a product of your own.  You’ll be able to build a list of leads and customers rather quickly, which we all know can mean more sales down the road in your future promotions.

Plus, this software is coming from Bryan Winters, who’s been successfully developing viral marketing and list building systems for many years.  Chance are, you’re probably a member of one of his systems.

Grab your copy of ViraLightning plus all the bonuses today!