Kurt Tasche Make Money Online,Reputation Management $250 Commissions Are Possible – Here’s Proof!

$250 Commissions Are Possible – Here’s Proof!

When people tell me that they can’t make money online, I have to laugh.   Sure, it does take work.  But it is possible.  And, it’s a heck of a lot easier than slaving away at a job.  In today’s post, I’ll be talking about how I earned $250 in one day, from one sale.

First, I need to lead up to my $250 commission, so bare with me…

For the past several months, I’ve been a member of Genesis Lifestyle Network (GLN for short).  GLN is an online training platform with marketing education for online entrepreneurs.  You also earn commissions by referring others to GLN, when they upgrade.  However, my $250 commission did not come directly from GLN.

Along with marketing education and training, GLN helps you get referrals in other programs, via a downline builder inside the system.  GLN’s downline builder includes several resources for traffic, leads, tools and more.  One of the traffic resources within GLN is Traffic Leads 2 Income VM, which is a viral mailer owned by Rob Gehring.

I’ve been a member of Traffic Leads 2 Income VM (TL2IVM) for many years.  Long before joining GLN.  And, I’ve been a free member for most of that time.  After joining GLN, I started diving more into what TL2IVM has to offer.   One thing that I hadn’t really looked into, until recently, was their traffic coop.

After reading more about it, and talking to Rob, I decided to upgrade to the Traffic Coop Recurring w/ Top Level Upgrade membership.  This gets me one share in the coop per month, along with the highest upgrade available at Traffic Leads 2 Income VM.  A top level upgrade gets me higher commissions, along with a bonus of 10,000 credits per day.  (So, I never have to click emails to earn credits.)

So, now that I’m a top level member at TL2IVM, I use the coop to promote Genesis Lifestyle Network.  And, I’m getting about 1-2 signups in GLN per day because of this.

One of my GLN members decided to join TL2IVM and upgrade.  However, instead of upgrading to the monthly recurring coop like I did, they decided to upgrade to the Lifetime MSF 500 package, which gets them a lifetime top level upgrade at Traffic Leads 2 Income VM along with 2 shares in the traffic coop.

Plus, they get additional bonus sales training from Rob Gehring.  The only thing they’ll have to pay for, is future shares in the traffic coop.

Normally, the price of the MSF 500 package is $1000.  But, their is a one time offer for new members to grab this at a  50% discount, or $500.  Which is what my referral did.  When they made their purchase, I earned a 50% commission, or $250!

Now, I had no idea that I earned this until I checked the messages in our Telegram group.  That’s when Rob made the announcement that I had earned a $250 commission.  I had just woken up to get ready to start my evening work shift (yes, I’m still working a job for now).  But, what a great way to start the day!  I’m telling you, nothing will put  you in a better mood than seeing commissions coming in from your online business.

So, that’s how I earned $250 in one day, with very little work on my part.  If you’d like to learn how you can do the same, contact me on Telegram and let’s get you started!


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