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Bob Proctor – Beyond The Secret

Bob Proctor – Beyond The Secret, is a documentary starring modern day philosopher, Bob Proctor.  In this film, he teaches that there is much more to the Law of Attraction than we learned in “The Secret” – the film that introduce the mainstream public to the LOA.

The Secret was basically an introduction and quick overview.  In Bob Proctor – Beyond The Secret, you’ll learn more indepth detail as to what is really involved in understanding the most powerful of Universal Laws.

 When you get the chance, I highly suggest watching Bob Proctor – Beyond The Secret.  If however, you haven’t seen “The Secret”, I suggest watching that first.

And, if you’d like to work with a team of like-minded people, who are consistently utilizing the Law of Attraction, to build a better life for ourselves and our families, what I want you to do is click on the image below.  You’ll be introduced to the system we are using, that has created hundreds of six and seven figure earners, and has changed the lives of over 200,000 people!



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