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Create A Compelling Product Review

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Create A Compelling Product Review When doing a product review think of it as if you were telling your prospects a story about the product you just came across.

It’s important that when telling the story you speak as if you were talking to one person…

It makes it seem more personal to the reader or viewer.

Also remember the words of Leslie Jamison that…

The story of getting better can be just as compelling as the story of falling apart.”

Be sure to be passionate about the product and make the review worth watching or reading for the prospect.

Ok…First things first, you will be recording your screen with screencast-o-matic or a similar software that is free.

Next you will want to use google slides or powerpoint slides to put any pictures and written information on.

First slide use a picture and a brief description that describes the product you’re reviewing in a nutshell.

Next slide… Introduce yourself by using a picture of yourself. Then also tell the audience the name of the product you’re reviewing.

Next slide… Tell them when the product is coming out, if it’s not on the market yet, also tell them you’ll be going over this product in this video.

Be sure to mention if you’ve bought this product or it’s a review copy.

In the next slide… explain your bonuses you have for them.

The bonuses should be information that the product doesn’t cover and the buyer would need to be more successful when using the product you’re endorsing.

Some of the best bonuses are case studies, recorded coaching calls or access to you personally if you have the time.

TIP… if you give people access to yourself make sure you record the call on google hangout so you can use the videos as future bonuses but make sure to make the video unlisted.

In the next slide give the the lowdown on all the benefits that this product has to offer.

How will it benefit their online business?

Can they make money with it? If so, how much?

Remember not to give away everything or else they’ll think they can get the info for free on Youtube.

Just give the info on the benefits and let the sales page do the rest of the job to sell them.

In the next slide go over the sales page by recording it on your screen, describe the main benefits on the sales page.

Especially go over screenshots, testimonials and bonuses they are offering.

Remember to tell them when the product is launching and when it’ll be available if it’s a new product.

Tell them what they will be getting for their money.

Next, go over the upsells or upgrades and explain why they need them.

Most product launches have a JV page that explains the upgrades thoroughly so use it…

The next thing you do is tell them that you highly recommend this product.

Then explain if they use your affiliate link they will get the awesome bonuses that you told them about earlier.

If you are reviewing a product that is about to launch use the scarcity that the price will go up after the launch is over so the should buy now.

If the product has launched already you can create scarcity by offering your awesome bonuses for a limited time.

Or let them know the bonus will be given away to a certain amount of buyers like 100 of them.

Make sure you keep to your word about the scarcity or else people will get upset.

That’s all I have for today…it’s a wrap!

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