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How to build a simple, income producing website

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Product Name: How to build a simple, income producing website


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WARNING: If you’re looking for a “secret” or a “loophole” for earning untold riches on the interwebz, by this time next week… you’re in the wrong place.

If you’re looking for a legitimate online business, to earn a stable income that could let you:

Welcome to Digital Worth Academy: A business model proven over 12 years, by thousands of students, and the online course, coaching program and software tools anyone can use to replicate it.

And we mean anyone.

There are a ton of “online business-building” trainings out there.

It seems like every time you part the tall grass of the Internet, another too-good-to-be-true headline jumps out:

For some reason, they’ve all got the same ugly red headlines…

And they all promise what you’ve been dreaming of —

A chance to quit your boring job, start a business, and live a flexible, carefree, travel-packed life.

You’ll get to make your own schedule! Work just an hour a day from a fancy coffee shop! Hire a full-time nanny for your kids while you sip margaritas and plan your next luxury beach trip!

The reality is that being successful with a real online business — one that will support you and your family long-term, and won’t disappear in a blink with the next Google or Amazon update — is really hard.

It takes a good idea, consistent effort, and a strategic plan.

Not to mention time.

So when you try to start a business like this, hope and excitement can quickly turn to frustration and disappointment when – sometimes after months of time and thousands of dollars invested – you realize it’s just not gonna work the way they told you it would.

It sucks because…

You’ll even see some of them on this page.

NOT IF you’re an entrepreneurial genius.

NOT IF you’re a tech wizard.

But IF you can be CONSISTENT.

That’s where 99% of would-be online business owners fail.

You’re so busy looking for a silver bullet that you don’t notice the quiver of perfectly good arrows sitting right next to you. (The arrows are your existing strengths, in case that’s not clear. Weapons! They make great metaphors.)

You won’t need a premium checking account bursting with startup cash…

Or a board of experienced, powerful advisors…

Or a crack marketing team…

But you will need yourself.

And if you’re the kind of person who knows you can get the work done — then with with the right guidance YOU can live all those cliches of freedom and happiness too.

Without all that belly-fat-burning nonsense.

And despite both having had a business like this for the past 12 years, neither of us should have ever really “made it”.

Andrew started trying to build a business when he was 19, with no education, no experience, and no money. Sara started, and then continued to build her business while raising a family of 7 children. (think about that next time you feel like you “don’t have enough time”)

Both situations should have resulted in complete failure, and in the early years, they actually did.

We’ll skip the full life story, but here’s a sample of our most remarkable screw-ups from those early days:

Andrew drops out of university with the vague idea of starting an online business. His first achievement is to max out his kind Mom’s credit card without being able to show any financial result whatsoever. (Mom, if you’re reading, thanks again :))

Sara decides to start a business instead of pursuing a promising career. For 2 years she hops from one strategy to another, never succeeding in anything and earning no money, while the growing family goes deeper into debt. Yay!

Andrew works on his websites for 6 hours most nights, after coming home from a 9-5 job, and still fails to make any real money. “Isn’t it supposed to be “passive income?”

After 12 years, every type of screw up imaginable, and proudly now a long track record of success both with our own sites and our students’, we’re confident we can show you what it takes to grow an income like this for yourself.

And it’s probably time, isn’t it?

I mean, let’s face it…

Wanting to make money online and be your own boss isn’t a fun idea that just popped into your head yesterday.

You’ve been interested (and invested) in this career for years.

But so far, nothing you’ve tried has worked…

And boyyyyy, is that frustrating. ?

It’s exhausting to give your all to your business endeavors, and see no return.

It’s tough not to be tempted by the newest programs or people — OOH LOOK, ANOTHER NINJA GURU MASTER MARKETER! — because it feels like maybe this one will be the one that finally works.

Your chronic Shiny Object Syndrome has turned you into an easily distracted, spottily committed, over-invested dream-chaser with the attention span of a hummingbird on cocaine. ??

You feel unfocused. Confused. Freakin’ FRUSTRATED (did we say that already?).

Not to mention… you’ve probably dropped a dump-truck’s-worth of cash on your online business education. ??

Wouldn’t it be nice to see that money make its way back into your bank account?


Here’s the other thing no one mentions…

You wake up whenever the hell you want, with no alarm.

You make your way to the kitchen and brew up a steaming carafe of small-batch-roasted coffee.

You fire up your trusty laptop. To Business! Hiyo, Silver! Awaaaaay! ?

You go through what you were working on yesterday and try to figure out your to-dos for today.

You decide to check the news for a minute.

You head over to Facebook to see if you have any notifications.

You realize it’s been an hour and you haven’t done any work yet.

You swallow the realization that you actually have no idea what to work on.

You get a liiiiiiittle panicky. ?

You head back over to Facebook to calm down for a few minutes.

Nothing’s getting done.

The afternoon is stretching on into the distance…

And your guilt is rising in your throat (tasting suspiciously like small-batch coffee).

By this point, you’re beating yourself up. After all, there are tons of online entrepreneur success stories out there. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?

Maybe those people have something you don’t.

Maybe they’re just better than you.

These are not the kinds of thoughts you want dancing through your head on a lonely Tuesday afternoon.

You might not realize it, but you’re beating yourself up because…

You can want a cream-stuffed, raspberry-frosted, organic vanilla cupcake more than anything. But unless you get in your car and drive to the bakery, ain’t no one getting cupcakes.

The same principle is true of online businesses.

You can’t reverse-engineer someone else’s success just by looking at their business from the outside. There are too many missing pieces. Too many questions.

So you assume you’re the problem. You start to beat yourself up for not knowing what you couldn’t possibly know. ?

And when you’re trying to go it alone, it’s 1000 times worse.

Because you’ve got NO accountability.

No clear action steps to building the business you want.

No milestones to shoot for. No measuring posts. No metrics.

Add in a hefty dash of unfamiliar software, tech difficulties, and informational blog post rabbit holes… and you’ve got the recipe for an afternoon of unfocused, guilt-ridden “work” that doesn’t get you a single step closer to your financial goals.

No wonder you’re considering throwing in the towel.

Many Digital Worth Academy students come to us at the end of their virtual ropes.

It makes sense, right? If you’ve tried for years to create something valuable, poured hundreds (or thousands) of dollars into your efforts, and gotten nothing back… you have every right to feel discouraged.

You KNOW you’re smart and dedicated enough to do this. You know there’s a vein of gold out there just waiting to be struck, if only you had the right shovel.

You’re determined to prove yourself to your friends, family, and everyone else who’s half-heartedly supported you through your past attempts to build something real.

Maybe you just want to follow through on something to prove you CAN follow through! No more abandoned projects, no more guiltily remembering that unfinished venture…

You’ve got to make this work — if only for your own pride.

The difference between you and the success stories on this page?

There isn’t one.

Every single Digital Worth Academy student who’s made money from our program has succeeded because they finally had all the steps they needed, laid out in front of them.

The only difference between you and them is time. They did it. You can do it too.

You need a system you can trust, not a training program that seems to be missing key steps. Or requires tons of overhead. Or tries to squeeze more cash out of an already crowded niche.

You need step-by-step guidance, accountability, and expert coaching from no-B.S. teachers who have actually BUILT businesses using this exact method.

You need a community of like-minded students who’ll congratulate you on your successes and help you find a way through your problems.

You need to shut out the noise, treat your business like a business, and do the work required to grow it into something valuable.

THAT’S the magic of Digital Worth Academy.

Digital Worth Academy shows you how to systematically identify and take advantage of the countless unexplored, under-monetized corners of this beautiful place we all love so much: the Internet. ?

It could be something random like Steel toed boots…

Or paint sprayers… Or portable dishwashers!

Be it weird or wonderful, we’ll show you how to research and find these unusual opportunities, and build websites around them, to help people interested in these topics live better lives.

You’ll do this by creating targeted content (like blogs, product reviews, comparison posts, list posts, and other types of articles) that include links to products. The better-quality your content, the more useful your readers will find it — and the more attention and traffic it will draw.

When your readers buy products using your links, you’ll earn commissions. And these commissions can add up to a very useful income…

While we’re talking about it, here are a few more “all too common” problems you won’t have to worry about with the Digital Worth business model…

Digital Worth Academy takes you step-by-step through building an asset that creates genuine value for your visitors, and brings you revenue in return.

So you’ll never have to publish a desperate post on Facebook asking your friends to buy your essential oil blends so you can feed your cat this week…

Now you know “what” you’ll be doing when you’re a Digital Worth Academy member, it’s time to see “how”.

Your success as an online business owner boils down to consistently, methodically doing the RIGHT things, in the RIGHT order.

That’s why we’ve broken the entire business building process down into tiny steps, and made an instructional video on each one.

The Digital Asset Blueprint is 6 sections, more than 30 modules, and 150 “over the shoulder” videos detailing the entire process of building a profitable digital asset from scratch.

It’s so step-by-step, it might as well be walking.

This is it. The complete system you’ve been searching for. The jigsaw puzzle, with all pieces included.

It’s the best of everything we’ve learned over the past 12 years.

And by following it, you skip happily over all the most common mistakes, on your way to success.

You watch one video at a time… you do what we do on the screen, and progress just happens…

The 6 sections break down like this…

Forget “coding” or HTML, or “technical” skill.

In this module we’ll show you a simple way to get your Google friendly, WordPress driven Digital Asset website off the ground… even if you still type with two fingers.

You will learn how to get your domain name and a hosting account, and how to establish your site with a professional look.

We’ll then go over the setup of your tracking tools and a sprinkle of advanced analytics so you’re gathering delicious data from day 1.

In this section you’ll learn how to create valuable content for the people in your market, and use it to generate income.

In this module you’ll start the process of improving your site’s rankings in Google, and getting it noticed by people in your market.

In particular you’ll learn:

In this module you’ll learn:

Understand: If you’ve completed all of that, you’ll have your digital asset up and running. Most likely it’ll be getting traffic, and quite likely, you’ll have made your first sale.

We’re always adding in new promotional strategies, and advanced tweaks to the most important parts of the process, but essentially, this is it.

From here’s it’s rinse and repeat.

You saw the steps. That’s what you’re going to do.

But like we said earlier, actually doing it is another story.

Imagine you wanted to learn tennis. Imagine we said “Here are a set of videos of us playing tennis and explaining what we’re doing. Enjoy!”

You take your laptop out to the tennis court. You set it up, press play, and start hitting balls. Sure, it’s helpful. You’d rather have those videos than not have them.

But if you want to learn tennis as quickly as possible, is it really the best you can do?


Obviously that’s true. Most people who want to do most things at a higher than average level use coaches: Sports people, actors, professionals.

Having a coach who can watch what you’re doing and explain how best to implement the strategy based on your situation, strengths and weaknesses? It’s invaluable.

It allows you to progress at an exponentially faster rate.


Because the personal attention of a coach can help you overcome barriers that may have held you back for years… but that no “how to” course ever addressed because it wasn’t personal to you.

It’s game changing, and that’s why it’s a core component of the Digital Worth Academy experience.

As you build your new business, we’re there in the trenches with you, ready to help with anything you could need.

We’re talking:

The business you’ll build can be run at a very high level too.

And when it is run at a high level, it’s never the case that the owner just does everything themselves.

Among other things, they have team members and advanced software tools that give them an advantage over their competitors.

Because our sites are well developed now, that’s what we do too. We developed our own software tools to help streamline our processes, and we use experienced, well trained staff to complete the day to day tasks of growing this kind of business.

You get where this is going…

As part of your Digital Worth Academy membership, we’ve made our private custom software tools and some of our best outsource staff members available to you.

So you have the unfair advantages that are usually reserved for large companies with enormous budgets.

Specifically, these advantages are:

Most people struggle to decide which products they should talk about (and sell) on their sites. This part is pretty important. You know, because it’s how you make money.

Which products will make the most commission?
How will you find the ones that aren’t smothered by competition already?
How will you know which products you’ll actually be able to get traffic to and make money with?

Choosing where to start can range from confusing to anxiety inducing: “What happens if I get it wrong?!”

DWA students have this part of the process taken care of by our members only software tool called Commission Wizard.

CW (as we call it) sifts through millions of products on the internet, based on a category you give it, and spits you out the products that are performing best in their categories.

A lot of times they’re products you never thought of and opportunities you never expected.

And they make money. The data is there to prove it.

You have unlimited usage of Commission Wizard. You can keep coming back to this tool any time you need to find new products to promote to keep your income growing.

Most people just “bet” that the niche they start their sites in will be profitable.

DWA students don’t start sites unless it’s confirmed by data from our custom software, that their niche will be profitable.

It’s called Profit Calculator, and when you come across any opportunity, any product that you think might worth integrating into your site, you run it through the calculator, and let it tell you the monthly profit potential.

Here’s an example of one topic/product type run through Profit Calculator:

If you know about getting rankings in Google, you’ll know the importance of keyword research.

Lots of people hate it. We kind of love it, and that’s mainly because of Unfair Advantage #3.

If you want to get organic traffic, you need targeted, high converting, low competition keywords that you rank for easily.

And Diamond Keyword Miner is a custom tool we built, to take tens of thousands of keywords from any given market, and – using some tricky spreadsheet formulas you don’t need to understand – filter down to the absolute easiest, most profitable of them… with a few clicks of a button.

It’s hard to make the awesomeness clear in a screenshot, but take a look at this… thousands of keywords, analyzed by 17 data points (off screen), a special little “filter” tool that sifts through them for the absolute best, and a color coding system that visually gives you the green light!

Bottom line: You’ll be finding more opportunities & better opportunities than the average person can… without having to do all the work yourself.

When you’re building a new business, it’s inevitable that on some weeks, life will just get in the way.

You’ll get a cold, or a bunch of errands will pile up, or your in-laws will announce an unexpected visit…

For most people, this means nothing gets done.

For Digital Worth members, it means you go to the Rolodex.

On our exclusive Staff Rolodex you’ll find a team of experienced people who – for a pre-negotiated low fee – can help you with any aspect of your digital asset building business.

If you don’t want to research new keywords or products… there’s someone for that.

You don’t want to write another article… someone for that.

You don’t want to promote your site? We’ve got someone for that too.

When everyone else needs outsource staff help, they go to Upwork or Freelancer.com and start the long process of testing people with small projects until you find someone skillful you can trust.

When you’re a Digital Worth member, those hours have already been spent, and that money’s already been paid… by us, for you.

Sometimes, maintaining your focus is the hardest part of being an online entrepreneur.

It’s easy to get excited about something new. It’s a lot harder to follow through day after day, week after week. Man, if you could make even TEN MEASLY DOLLARS, you’d know you were doing something right.

Your DWA membership comes with access to our private Facebook group and active community forum. You’ll meet other students at all different stages of the program. Learn from them, ask questions, and make friends. Our students say this is one of the very best parts of Digital Worth Academy.

Worried that Digital Worth Academy is an elaborate scam? Afraid that behind this page, a squad of tricksters is laughing at the poor chumps who’d even consider buying our coaching program?

We get it. Like we said, the Internet’s not the most trustworthy place.

But here’s the thing — we have no interest in taking your money and wasting your time. We can make more money by actually helping you succeed. It works for you, you tell your friends, they join our program, etc

We’re invested in your success. So we’re gonna tell you the truth.

If you decide to pursue an idea that we don’t think is profitable, we’ll tell you. If you’re focusing on the wrong things, we’ll gently course-correct you.

And if you’re still letting your own fear hold you back once you’re inside the program, we’ll help you overcome those mindset issues too.

Because we’re working on our own digital assets every day, we see quickly when there’s a new strategic improvement you can make to grow your profits.

And when we do, we share it with you. Immediately.

It’ll either pop up in the coaching webinar that week, or we’ll add new videos to the course to address it.

Even though you only pay once, you keep benefitting from our knowledge and experience as a DW member.

If you’re like most Digital Worth Academy students, you grew up understanding that a job was something you did to pay the bills. It was a necessity. It was drudgery.

If you were lucky, you might end up with a job or career you actually liked — but no matter what, the reality was that you’d be spending 40+ hours a week working for someone else.

You’d get home tired. You’d have just a few hours to unwind, or spend with your family, before you had to hop in the car and head back to work. Hurray, commuting! Said no one ever.

But look where we are. Actually, look WHEN we are. It’s 2019.

The “future of work” is here, and it scoffs in the face of a 2-hour commute to a job you hate for a salary you have virtually no control over.

More and more people are refusing to buy into the idea that earning an income has to involve spending 40-60 hours a week working for someone else.

The truth is that within a few years, nearly 42 million people in the United States will be working for themselves. (source)

Setting their own income goals. Making their own schedules. Deciding their own futures.

Sounds good, right?

That’s all without even considering how it would FEEL to build something from nothing.

Financial freedom is its own reward, but beyond that…

Digital Worth Academy is for you if:

Our program is NOT for you if you…

In case you haven’t noticed yet, DWA is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

We’d rather give you the guidance and education you need to build a sustainable long-term business, than set you up with a flimsy house of cards that topples when you least expect it.

There’s no hard-and-fast date that you’ll start making money. As with most programs, you’ll get out of it what you put into it.

We’ve tried on this page to show you examples of other students who have succeeded, to paint a realistic picture of what you could achieve if you really commit to this like they did.

But saying things like “You will make money by X date”… that’s not cool. In fact, when you see it on other sales pages, it’s a good indicator that there’s a scam afoot.

What we do guarantee, is that if you DO the work, you WILL see results…

Neither Sara (Israel) or Andrew (Australia) are from the USA. The simple answer here is: definitely!

The short answer is: We recommend setting aside at minimum 1 hour a day to get started. You will learn ways to accelerate your progress by strategically investing in it instead of spending your time, but in general, in the beginning, the more you can work on your asset, the faster it will progress.

Digital Worth Academy shows you the entire process of building a digital asset from start to finish, with nothing omitted. Even though prior experience (say, with WordPress, or doing keyword research) will help, it’s not necessary to create success with this business. We’ll walk you through the nuts and bolts, from website setup and SEO to hiring content writers, creating affiliate links, and so much more.

Though we have success stories from experienced business owners, we also have a lot of success stories from newbies!

We’re here to help, in more ways than you could ever need! This is a coaching program, not a course. Sara, Andrew, and our team of qualified coaches are available to help you work through any issues you need, until you reach your goals.

Like most people, we’ve been growing and learning throughout our years and years of experience working online. Digital Worth Academy is our best and most complete program yet. It includes all of the topics and trainings from our past courses, plus more expanded and updated trainings, plus custom-built tools to help you accomplish your goals more efficiently. We’re pretty proud of it.

You’re purchasing lifetime access to the Digital Worth Academy training. It never expires! Oh, and we update DWA periodically, so you’ll get access to all those updates, too.

(Understand: We’re not going to suggest for a moment that Chris’s results are typical. Chris is our most successful student of all time)

“Sounds good, but it’s still a lot of money… How do I know it’ll be worth it?”

You don’t.

We’re not supposed to say that, because this is our sales page, after all… but no matter how much we tell you about the program, it’ll still feel a little scary to hit that “RESERVE MY SPOT” button.

First thing’s first: If you decide Digital Worth Academy isn’t for you within the first 30 days, we’ll refund 100% of your money. No penalties and no questions asked.

That’s the elimination of risk part. You don’t have to *believe* it’s as good as we’re telling you. You can just try it for yourself, and if it’s not, you’re out… with no loss incurred.

But what’s more important to us is the *HOW*.

You could fairly ask “HOW can you guarantee it? How can you make me SURE this is a safe bet?”

And there are 2 BIG reasons we’re so confident:

1. It’s proven: The business model we’re teaching you has been working for us and our students, for 12 years. We’ve done it through all the ups and downs, all the changes of the internet, and not only profited, but made it more profitable today than ever.

2. Our students aren’t superheroes. The success stories on this page aren’t people who came to us with some special skill, or talent, or advantage. They’ve come from all over the world, with varying ages, backgrounds and experiences.

Whether it’s a busy life, or a stressful job, or you’re 70 years old, or you’ve never done this before… you don’t have a condition that’s going to prevent this working for you so long as you’re willing to put in the effort.

Once your payment is processed, you’ll receive immediate access to your materials, and instructions for getting started!

First payment today,
next payment in 30 days,
next payment in 60 days,
& the final payment in 90 days

Once your payment is processed, you’ll receive immediate access to your materials, and instructions for getting started!

That’s what happened to our student Lauren…

You want this kind of business. You’ve imagined it for a long time. You know it’s perfectly possible.

But it’s not just going to fall into your lap.

It’s not just going to magically appear because you’ve read a certain number of “amazing” free blog posts.


At some point, you know you’ve gotta commit. I mean, really commit.

You’ve gotta put your time and your money on the line. You’ve gotta give it everything you have.

You’ve gotta give that dream of yours a damn chance.

And our entire goal making this program was to be sure that no matter who you were, you’d never find a better chance than this one.

Once your payment is processed, you’ll receive immediate access to your materials, and instructions for getting started!

First payment today,
next payment in 30 days,
next payment in 60 days,
& the final payment in 90 days

Once your payment is processed, you’ll receive immediate access to your materials, and instructions for getting started!

** CLICKBANK® will not be responsible for or involved with the purchase of any customer’s website under this guarantee. If you can show that you’ve followed the system exactly as described and still haven’t made money, Andrew & Sara will arrange the purchase of your website with you privately, entirely separate from your initial purchase of Digital Worth through CLICKBANK®

ClickBank is the retailer of this product. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product.


Copyrights © 2019 Digital Worth


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How to build a simple, income producing website is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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