Kurt Tasche Home Business It’s never too late to live happily ever after! – Rising Star J. Miguel Borges

It’s never too late to live happily ever after! – Rising Star J. Miguel Borges

“Today, my dream comes true”

Today, is a day that J. Miguel Borges will never forget. Miguel is celebrating an accomplishment that not only was he able to help build brick by brick, but it is also an accomplishment that he is proud to say, he built it exactly the way he dreamed it should be.

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J. Miguel Borges sat down with JCron on the very day that he was living out one of his dreams. The day he had been envisioning for a long time. Miguel moved into his brand new, custom built, 300 square meter wood home. This is not just any home for Miguel. This house is “self-sufficient on energy” and everything in the home is laid out to promote positive energy designed by four architects and two energy specialists. It was all possible thanks to Empower Network.

Rewinding back to the beginning of Miguel’s online business, Miguel was a sceptic. One of his good friends shared the benefits of this opportunity with him and Miguel brushed his friend off saying “no, no, I do not want anything to do with that.” Miguel, could not help but think about the opportunity that his friend shared with him, he had to find out more. Six figures later, Miguel is here to tell you about his life changing story. (Keep in mind, Miguel’s results aren’t typical and you can see our average earnings disclaimer here.

The one thing you will notice about Miguel is that his heart’s as big as his dreams. He is grateful for everything in life. Miguel has the freedom to volunteer most of his time to the community. He embraces life and you can feel his passion and happiness through his words.

Miguel shares his accomplishments and advice on how he did it. His face lights up when he speaks about his dream coming true, would you like to know what his favorite part of his new custom built home is? Watch here and find out.

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