Kurt Tasche My Cancer Story Lab Work Blood Tests – The Next Phase In Diagnosis

Lab Work Blood Tests – The Next Phase In Diagnosis

lab work blood tests

After seeing my Urologist, he wanted me to get lab work blood tests done.  This was to determine what the exact health issue was.  To read the post about my first Urologist appointment, click here.  I was sent to Sonora Labs, which is one of the nation’s most reputable laboratory testing facilities, with labs all around the United States.


When I got to the lab, there was not much waiting.  Only a few other people were actually in the lobby waiting area.  When it was my turn to get my lab work blood tests done, the lab technician took a few vials of blood from my arm, and that was it.  Being without insurance and money at the time, my brother paid for my lab tests.


The test results came back within a few days, and based on the results, my urologist wanted me to get some followup tests.  What usually happens is, they’ll do the most common tests and then narrow it down to detect more specific illnesses and diseases.  So, I was told to go back to Sonora Labs to get more lab work blood tests done.


Knowing at the time, that I couldn’t afford the other tests, which were going to cost around $600, my urologist came up with an idea.  He said to go to the ER at the hospital (where I went before) and hopefully, since I was feeling very ill, they would admit me.  Then, all lab work would be done in the hospital, and I would not have to pay out of pocket.


Well, I went back to the same hospital, which was Paradise Valley Hospital in Phoenix, and went to the ER.  The same doctor examined me, and then came up with the (not so) “brilliant” conclusion that I had Bronchitis.  He sent me home with a prescription for antibioitics and prescription cough medicine.


When my urologist heard of this happening, he couldn’t believe it.  They should have admitted me, yet they didn’t.  Now, this is not a PV Hospital bashing session, however, many people I know have had similar experiences with that hospital.  They seem to not want to deal with anybody that has no insurance.


So, the next day, my urologist’s medical assistant called me and said to go to the ER at John C. Lincoln Hospital, and that he would contact the doctors there to have me admitted.  I will say that, overall, the people at John C. Lincoln where fantastic.  I was eventually admitted,  and had some more “lab work blood tests” done by their lab techs.


My urologist met me there, and I was also assigned an oncologist.  They both talk to me about what was going to be done.  The first step, was to have surgery to remove my left testicle.  Then, the pathology lab would test it, to determine what the issue was.  It was either testicular cancer that spread to the armpit, or, lymphoma that had spread to the testicle.


I would be having surgery done that same night, which I will talk about in my next post.  If you are experiencing any of the symptoms I had, make sure you see your doctor right away.  Their first action will most likely be to order some lab work blood tests.


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