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The 3 Week Diet Review

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Weight loss programs have increased in popularity over time. This is because around 30% of the world’s population is either overweight or obese, and obesity is now one of the most significant health problems in our society. Many fitness enthusiasts and companies have developed programs and alternatives for safe and healthy weight loss. These affordable and accessible programs target people who are overweight and those who want to achieve a balanced healthy body. If you are someone who wants to shed a few pounds, then the 3 Weeks Diet program is highly recommended for you. Following this weight loss guide for 21 days will help you achieve your goal of expediting the process of reducing weight for a healthier body and happier life.

What is The 3 Week Diet All About?

The 3 Week Diet is a promising program that guarantees a fast and safe way to lose weight. As the name suggests, this guide offers a step-by-step process on how to expedite weight loss in just a matter of three weeks. The book contains four parts which focus on the nature and types of food. The book is being divided into four sections, including detox, fasting, fat phase, and custom diet as the last part. In this guide, you will see plenty of rules for proper exercise. This routine exercise only takes about 20 minutes long, which can surely fit into anyone’s busy schedule. This exercise program shall be repeated for three to four days per week. When strictly followed, author Brian Fatt assures you that you will get the best results along the way. According to him, the average person can lose weight between 12 to 23 pounds. People with health conditions such as diabetes are not advised to engage in this program. This also applies to those who have strict diet plans, including the vegetarians.

What’s Inside the 3 Weeks Diet?

As mentioned above, the 3 Week Diet includes four phases. The first part talks about detoxing. This process restricts you from taking a particular type of food. Doing so helps you flush out harmful substances from the body and lose a significant amount of fat. This part of the program keeps you from eating food that will aid in gaining weight. If you can strictly stick with it, you can expect effective results after.

The second part of the program is the fasting. Unlike other weight loss program, this part only restricts you to intake food for only 24 hours. Flatt came up with a schedule that can quickly be followed. Fasting in this part means that you are discouraged from eating at the end of the day until the end of the following day. The time spent during fasting can be used for sleeping, which can help you become less stressful. After the fasting period, you are now encouraged to proceed to the next part, which is the Fat Phase.

In this portion, Flatt talks about additional healthy fats that can help your body burn fatter. He encourages you to consume around 80% of the calories derived from fats. But he reminds dieters to consume no more than the required number of calories per day, which is about 1200.

The last part of the program is the custom or tailored dieting. This part explains to you how to calculate your basal metabolic rate or the BMR. Which BMR tells you how much energy you use when you rest. This number also determines how much calories you need to consume in order to lose or maintain your ideal weight. This part of the program usually takes up to 21 days or more.

What Else?

According to this book, it will only take 21 days for you to achieve a lighter version of yourself. With the help of this guide and the right combination of exercise, food, and other supplements, you will be able to achieve your weight loss goal.

Another feature of this book is that it teaches you the difference between weight loss and fat loss, which is an essential factor in the world of fitness. Losing a considerable amount of fat in the body is your primary goal and the goal of this book. It should not be confused with losing lean body mass, which makes your metabolism slower.

Aside from the workout and diet, this book also offers information about fat, carbohydrates, essential and non-essential nutrients, and the importance of protein in the body. Learning these things is essential if you want to know more about getting fit and having a healthier lifestyle.

The 3 Weeks Diet – The PROS:


The main benefit of this program is that is has been proven the effect. If you will follow the plan accordingly, you are guaranteed to achieve the best results. At the end of three weeks, you will surely experience a loss of pounds.


One good thing about this product that makes it unique is that it uses a balanced approach between exercise and diet. Once you try this program, you will not only feel lighter but also toned as well.

Progress Tracker

The 3 Weeks Diet comes with a journal tracker so that you can monitor your progress.

Money back

This product has a money-back guarantee feature. If you are not pleased with your experience, you can get a full refund of your money.

The 3 Week Diet – The CONS:

The program is strict and restrictive. Since the program restrains you from different activities such as food intake, it can be said that the 3 Weeks Diet program is rigid and prone to cheating.


Overall, the 3 Weeks Diet contains a combination of scientific facts and statements together with a step-by-step plan on what you should do. The program is organized to target an individual making it easily understandable for everyone. If you have the determination to lose weight in a short period, then the 3 Weeks Diet is an ideal choice for you. You will not be disappointed when you see the results in three weeks if you follow the instructions provided by the book.





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