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VideoBuilder Demo

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In this video, I’ll be showing you a demo of the brand-new VideoBuilder software.

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1 thought on “VideoBuilder Demo”

  1. You it look as if it is very easy but am finding some problems. After I created a video using avatar, it was not possible for me to edit mistakes and so had to start from the beginning. When I used an actors, I cannot customise speech using audio or text.

    I tried audio recording instead of text but the actor's lip is not synchronised and am unable to turnoff the prerecorded audio.When I record video audio and upload this, I could not edit speech or mistakes.

    I could not edit the audio files stored in media library and the text display does not show animation and so I had to create the video to check if it is good but after I created video, I could not edit or change the colour of text or increase the size of logo. I hope you correct this, if not this software does not allow me to be creative to help me attract customers.

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