Kurt Tasche My Cancer Story My First Urologist Appointment – First Step Towards Diagnosis

My First Urologist Appointment – First Step Towards Diagnosis


After being examined at the hospital emergency room, I was scheduled my first urologist appointment.  You can read that post, about the lump in my armpit here.  It was a few days after the ER exam, that I went in to have an examination on my testicle.  In my last post, I mentioned that I discovered a lump in my left armpit, and that my left testicle had become enlarged.


The urologist’s office was in the same complex as the hospital, which was convenient, as I didn’t have to travel far, or search for it.  This first urologist appointment was fairly short, yet very helpful.  The doctor examined me, then we discussed some of the possibilities of why my left testicle had become enlarged.


There were two possible scenarios as to why this had occurred.  One possibility was that I had developed testicular cancer, which spread to the armpit, and thus, caused that lump. Or, I had developed lymphoma, which spread (or metastasized), to the testicle.  In order to learn more, he put orders in for me to get some blood tests done at the lab near his office.  The tests would be done in a few days.


He was clear about letting me know, that I would possibly lose my left testicle.   He also assured me that, it would not affect my quality of life in the least bit.  He mentioned people like Lance Armstrong, who developed testicular cancer, and continued to thrive after surgery.  After this first urologist appointment, I went home, awaiting my appointment with the lab.


So, that was my initial experience with my urologist.  He was able to explain to me what the possible outcomes where, and also assured me that my quality of life would not be affected.  Be sure to watch for my next post, where I talk about my experience with the lab and getting my blood work done.   From my experience, my “first urologist appointment” was very helpful.


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